Additions & Remodels

Over the last 20 years, we have designed thousands of homes that were working with clients to determine how best to get all that they wanted within a certain budget produced as CUSTOM HOUSE PLANS. Most people don’t know that during that time, we were also doing Remodels and Additions too. Clients often told us that had tried finding someone who would actually visit the jobsite and help design a plan for their project.

This is my son Andrew with me at a Jobsite

Before starting the design company, Jason worked in construction doing remodels. He worked as an apprentice to an older/wiser contractor who took time to teach Jason about the trade side of remodeling a home. Fast forward to today, we have a great team of people who are ready to help you with your next construction project. Below is some information that we have created to be a guide for you and your next project.